Heart Disease Risk Calculator App Reviews

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Pretty mediocre

Plain Jane feedback with mediocre graphics was surprising. Data reporting seems accurate based on actuarial data. One of the reviewers gave it a one based on her acute condition. This program as all other risk assessments are based on, for the most part, health behavior, not an acute condition. Don't be stupid and think this is a medical protocol app. It merely, in its own mediocre way, assesses RISK based on one's behavior.

Not Accurate!!

I'm a 36 year old female 103lbs, non smoker, eat right, and I exercise 6 days a week and I had a heart attack 3 weeks ago, 100% circumflex artery blocked!!!! According to this application, it says I'm in perfect condition and I'm at a low risk... This application SHOULD NOT be taken Seriously!!! This application is false!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Works as stated

very smart app

This is a great idea! So cool that this exists. It's very useful and well-done. Could use a bit of tweaking in terms of ease of use. But I'm sure newer versions will get better and better. I'm glad this is out there! You should make one for all sorts of problems: common cold, obesity, etc. It would be helpful for bettering Americans' health!

Quick, simple!

I'm on a 3GS running os4- no problems. Just one suggestion? Add in a height/weight and BMI calculation because no one is going to say they're obese! Thanks, though- I'll use this!!!

Very Informative

This app is so useful. Now I feel like a well-informed patient. I wish there were more out there like this! Would be great to see some recommendations or links to other resources!

Does not work

Enter all info push button for result and program closes. Glad it was free.

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