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Heart Disease Risk Calculator

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Health & Fitness Medical
Developer: Rijul Gupta


This application accurately measures your PERSONAL risk of having a major cardiac event (heart attack, stroke, or heart failure) in the next ten years.

The information is based the extensive Framingham study which followed thousands of patients for over fifty years!

For this app, you will need to know your age, HDL and total cholesterol, and systolic blood pressure.

Not only does this application give you an accurate health risk, it also gives you specific advice on what your risk means relative to your age and personal health information. It also provides insight on what parts of your health you need to work on, which parts are good, and how to be healthier. This insight comes from a real board certified cardiologist.

***Please keep in mind that although the information provided in this application is accurate, IT DOES NOT REPLACE A CONSULTATION WITH YOUR OWN CARDIOLOGIST!!!*****

As free universal healthcare for all, this application can save your life...on your iPhone!

you can "swipe" the last screen for more information (notice the page marker) :)